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Market Watch

We provide market commentary, analysis, and recommendations through our Market Watch subscription service.

Service content is delivered through email, reports in PDF format, and videos. Our objective is to provide comprehensive analysis to help our clients manage market risk.

Risk Analysis of Agricultural and Energy Markets

Risk Analysis

The Four Steps of Risk Analysis
There is always risk in the market, but the question that needs to be answered is whether that risk is acceptable which of course is dependent on the “risk tolerance” a producer has.

Fundamental Analysis of Agricultural and Energy Market

Fundamental Analysis

Supply and Demand
There are 4 phases in all agricultural and energy markets. As we travel through the year, those 4 phases can change their starting time, their ending time, and their long-term effects on the overall market as supply and demand constantly changes.

Technical Analysis of Agricultural Markets and Energy Markets

Technical Analysis

Charts • Indicators • Seasonals • Market Makeup
This type of examination is based on history just as fundamental analysis is historically based. It is the study of history that says, when a certain chart formation or numeric indication happens, history shows the market will react a certain way with a high level of frequency.

Market Watch Analysis Samples of Agricultural Markets and Energy Markets

Market Watch Samples

We provide three communications of the market outlook on an almost daily basis. A video of the market charts and indicators is recorded during the night trade where we cover not only what has happened but also what is happening at that moment.

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