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We Have Your Risk Management Covered

VantageRM is in the business of determining risk using fundamental and technical analysis.

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We provide three market updates per day:

A phone update mid-day,
Written comments after the close, and
A video of market action after the night session begins

We cover the following three market classes


Farmers harvesting crops for agriculture markets

Agriculture Markets

We provide fundamental and technical analysis for producers and end users in the corn, soybean, wheat and rice markets. We also provide analysis in the cotton, cattle and hog markets.

Natural gas pipellines for energy markets

Energy Markets

Energy makes the world go round and we keep up with all the energy markets, analyzing risk for both buyers and sellers in the Natural Gas, Crude Oil and Energy product markets.

Automatic aricultural sprinkler for a commodity for economic index markets

Security Market Indexes

Risk, fundamental, and technical analyses are needed to understand the markets. We provide all three. We keep clients posted on all areas of the economic cycle and how current and forecasted conditions will impact the main markets we cover.

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How do we cover these commodity classes?

Market Watch: Agriculture and Energy Market Risk Analysis

Risk Analysis

The Four Steps of Risk Analysis
There is always risk in the market, but the question that needs to be answered is whether that risk is acceptable which of course is dependent on the “risk tolerance” a producer has.

Agriculture and Energy Market Fundamental Analysis

Fundamental Analysis

Supply and Demand
There are 4 phases in every agricultural and energy market. As we travel through the year those 4 phases can change their starting time, their ending time, and their long-term effects on the overall market as supply and demand constantly change.

Agriculture and Energy Market Technical Analysis

Technical Analysis

Charts • Indicators • Seasonals • Market Makeup
Like fundamental analysis, technical analysis is based on history. Analyzing history shows that the market will react a certain way with a high level of frequency when a certain chart formation or numeric indication occurs.

Agriculture and Energy Market Technical Analysis Samples

Market Watch Samples

Three market reports are communicated to members almost every day. This includes a video showing market charts and indicators during the night trade session where we cover not only what has happened but what is happening at that moment.

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Market Watch: Helping Farmers Manage Market Risk

Market Analyst

Dennis DeLaughter


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Dennis holds an MBA and undergraduate degree in Agricultural Economics from Texas A&M.  He began farming in 1977 and was involved in farming as a manager for 41 years. He began trading agriculture commodities in 1981 and was a licensed floor trader on the Chicago Board of Trade from 1987 to 2012. He has been a consultant to farmers for over 35 years in both marketing and operational areas. He was a high school football referee for 20 years and is an instrument rated pilot, musician and currently serves on the secretary of Agriculture's ATAC committee for Seed and Feed Grains and has done so under the Clinton, Bush, Obama, Trump and now Biden administrations.   Dennis has been a featured speaker at farm, energy and economic conferences across the United States as well as in Mexico and Central America.